Find your ideal clients online

Networking and referrals aren’t bringing in the leads, now what?

Business development for expertise businesses has changed forever.

Where we used to network and meet people locally to drive business, we now know that we need to attract the bulk of our work through on-line lead generation.

If this switch has meant that you’re seeing business development efforts that:

  • struggle to get enough the leads,
  • the leads that do come in aren’t the high-value, high-impact clients that you want to land,
  • when you do connect to an ideal lead you struggle to get their time and attention, or worst yet, they ghost you.

And yet, you know of some firms that are thriving and even growing, despite this hostile sales environment. How do they do it?

The firms that are growing have found a way to use online gathering places to generate the bulk of their leads. They are:

  • finding more ideal prospects that lead to more profitable projects.

  • getting on the decision makers calendars more easily.

  • even having prospect reach out to them!

To grow your firm you need to know how to reach your ideal clients in the places where they are already spending time. By showing up in their worlds you can be top-of-mind, become “known” as an expert in your field, and find and target ideal clients through outreach.

Creative firm owners need to be far more specific about who they are looking for and what value they offer in order to hit the sweet spot of those ideal clients.

Those who completed this course were able to:

  • Create a focused description of their ideal client, making it easier to find the right prospects.

  • Determined the killer difference they make for those ideal clients, a bold claim that attracts prospects who want help!

  • Create razor sharp distinctions that set you apart from your competition, so they weren’t in so many competitive bids!

Here's a testimonial:

by Rami

Thanks to the course, I've launched my website and firmed up my positioning. I've also started prospecting and doing outreach on LinkedIn. The most important thing I learned was the discipline of outreach and LinkedIn prospecting techniques.

In the course, we will help you:

  • Develop a clear positioning statement

  • Create LinkedIn profile that your ideal client will respond to

  • Find more ideal clients using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tools

  • Engage with Ideal prospects in a way that gets them on the phone.

  • Develop a sustainable routine to generate new leads every week.

I’m not some LinkedIn expert with a “secret formula” – quite the opposite. I’ve worked with business owners just like you and found what works for them. This is pragmatic, practical training. No “secrets” or short-cuts.

Meet Your Instructor

Principal Advisor - Anchor Advisors

Brad Farris

As Anchor Advisor's Principal Advisor, Brad Farris guides business owners through the pitfalls and joys of growing their business. Brad is a speaker and author. Brad is passionate about business and helping business owners find better ways to do things, make more money and enjoy life more.