Engage with your ideal prospects to build your pipeline

So you know who your perfect prospect is, and have found language that they will respond to consistently, but there just aren’t enough folks seeing that language and responding.

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain.

Great, you’ve moved beyond networking and fishing for whatever work comes in your local market, and are now focused on targeting exactly the prospects that you can make the biggest impact for.

You just need more of them.

You’ve been posting on LinkedIn, you’ve been publishing “content”, you’ve thought about YouTube, or a podcast, but they’re so much work. Am I really going to get a flood of prospects from any of this?

You know it’s time to change your tactics when:

  • You are putting more and more effort into content marketing without seeing more results.

  • The prospects you are connecting with don’t seem that interested, or interesting!

  • You are finding that you’re becoming know for work that isn’t inspiring, rewarding or profitable!

So instead of growing your business confidently with a strong pipeline, you are chasing every lead that comes in the door!

But you’ve seen it, there are agencies out there who are thriving and growing. Who are producing great work for the kinds of clients that you want to be working for. How do they do it?

During this course, you will learn the skills needed to master the online sales process from beginning to end:

  • Engage your existing 1st connections on LinkedIn to activate your network.

  • Create and use engagement scripts, so that you can product predictable results.

  • Develop effective lead magnets and calls to action to get prospects to ask for a sales call.

  • Move your ideal prospect from LinkedIn to a phone call so that you can close the deal!

This isn’t some magic formula. This course was developed while working with real business owners like you – you’ll meet them in the course. These tactics have been proven in the field.

Here's a testimonial:

by Danny

I've learned the importance of doing outreach consistently and starting to develop a system to keep you on track as early as possible. I've also learned to be as "yourself" as much as possible and not be too scripted. (Brad is a great example of this.) I've made outreach a part of daily work life - trying to make it as normal as checking my email. I just really appreciate Brad's casual and genuine style - it's SOOOO refreshing in the age of "online marketers" who promise the world. All he promised was to try to help in his humble way, and he did so much more.

Meet Your Instructor

Principal Advisor - Anchor Advisors

Brad Farris

As Anchor Advisor's Principal Advisor, Brad Farris guides business owners through the pitfalls and joys of growing their business. Brad is a speaker and author. Brad is passionate about business and helping business owners find better ways to do things, make more money and enjoy life more.